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Discrimination against: WOMEN
November 11, 2002
Description Place:
Saudi Arabia
March 2002

It has become known that in a girls' school in Mecca, where millions of believers come to pray, fifteen girl - students suffered a horrible death when the school premises caught on fire. The "Religion Police" - as they are called - did not allow them to get out because they did not have their faces covered. By the time the girls had done so, they were burned alive

Xanthopoulou Helen

Discrimination against: UNEMPLOYED
Date: November 20, 2002
Description Place: Greece

According to a research of the newspaper , unemployment knocks on many people's doors in Greece.

The people who were interviewed said that it is very hard to wake up and think what you will eat this day and that you have to borrow money for your basic daily needs.

Unemployed look for a job every day, they usually do not get it or in many cases the job which is offered pays very little money. This sum of money is not enough to cover basic life needs. One of them said: "Last year, I worked for only thirty days."

Unemployed say that they are -quite often- laughed at, they feel isolated, miserable, completely lost. There is no time or space for dreams!

Eleftherotypia publishes a poem by Nikos Karouzos. It refers to unemployed people's misery and devastation. "His hands in the pockets are like mines..."

Apidopoulou Christina

...... Discrimination against: WOMEN
November 16, 2002
Description Place:

Ayaan Hirsi AH is a refugee who used to live in Holland. She became famous because she did not hesitate to speak on TV and to newspapers about their (women's and girls') cruel life because of their husbands' (fathers') behaviour. Actually, everything happens because of their religion which is very tough to women and girls. She said that women are practically imprisoned, they do not enjoy any of the human rights, they are scared. After a few days, she started receiving threatening messages so, she had to leave Holland. It is said that she is probably in Great Britain or in the U.S.A. She has been taken another interview for a newspaper where she said: "if the west wants to help Islam to change, they ought to support, to help women become stronger because they are the ones who bring up children".

Georgiadou Avgi

November 12, 2002
Description Place:

When Petros Papadopoulos was twelve years old, he was struck by a very serious disease. He is twenty-four years old now and he has been completely immobilized since 1990. He has written a book - actually, it is his biography - with the title: WHEN PAIN BECOMES POWER. The book is dedicated to his elder brother who died from the same disease when he was eighteen years old. Petros Papadopoulos is not only a disabled person. He is also very poor. His father is unemployed, his mother works for the local hospital. The allowance he gets from the state is not enough as he needs 24-hour care.
Petros has been proving what a fighter is like. But the question is: Is he enjoying human rights?

Mavidis Haralabos

Discrimination against: PEOPLE WITH LOW INCOME
November 15, 2002


Christos Kalafatis became a thief because he is poor and he has a sick child. During the nine months that he had to stay in Athens, he spent 12,000,000 drs. He has sold everything but he was not able to sell his house as well, since it has been mortgaged.

Alexandridis George

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