:: Ammochori High School Virtual Art Exhibition
Virtual Art Exhibition

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       All children are artists,
        we just need to find ways
        to unlock their creativity...

[Under Construction]
dot.gif (52 bytes) Wall painting [12 creations]
dot.gif (52 bytes) Painting
dot.gif (52 bytes) Drawing [4 creations] new
dot.gif (52 bytes) Water-colour [6 creations]
dot.gif (52 bytes) Engraving
dot.gif (52 bytes) Masks
dot.gif (52 bytes) Tables-Frames
dot.gif (52 bytes) Christmas creations [constructions]
dot.gif (52 bytes) Easter creations [constructions]
dot.gif (52 bytes) Sculpture
dot.gif (52 bytes) Animals made of paper [5 creations]
dot.gif (52 bytes) Collage
dot.gif (52 bytes) Various constructions [14 creations]
dot.gif (52 bytes) The students are creating...

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Welcome to our school Virtual Art Exhibition

Our school Virtual Art Exhibition includes
our students' conjectural creations.
It is part of an international project* that aims
through the use of Internet to:

  • expose students to an international audience
  • encourage students to communicate with
    pupils around the globe, in different languages
  • provide windows of opportunities to young artists
    for sharing ideas, enriching their general knowledge,
    improving their problem solving and communication skills
  • engage students in real world activities
  • stimulate interest, curiosity and creativity
  • empower student with cutting edge ICT skills

* International Project: [Creative Minds Online Art Exhibitions]

:: International Virtual Art Exhibition

"When the artist is alive in any person, what ever
his kind of work may be, he becomes and inventive,
searching, daring, self expressive creature.
He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs,
upsets, enlightens, and opens ways for a better understanding.
Where those who are not artists are trying to close the book,
he opens it and shows that are still more pages possible."

Robert Henri [1865-1929]

Robert Henri
American Ashcan School Painter, 1865-1929



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Spiros Papacharisis]